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Why Does Good SEO Web Copywriting Need Great Copywriters?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

You already know that there is more to a business than meets the eye if you own one, no matter how small or large it is in scale.

There are some hidden—but necessary—parts to establishing a great website, just as there are in any other facet of your company. Unfortunately, cutting-edge design and technology can only take you so far.

You need excellent content writing to establish a trustworthy and competitive business website. This means you'll need a skilled SEO freelance copywriter in the UK.

What is SEO web copywriting?

There's more to SEO web copywriting and Search Engine Marketing than just keywords and links. To put it as simply as possible, there is a reason behind the keywords that visitors use to reach your website. People will come to your website with a certain query, concern, or problem in mind.

Another thing to remember is that every month, search engines crawl millions of new pages. As a result, Google does not want to spend a long time on your site evaluating your content. You must organise your key material in a way that search engines can quickly find it.

There is one thing that answers both problems at the same time. You'll need someone to write content that is both machine-friendly and beneficial to visitors to your website. You need a good SEO-savvy UK freelance copywriter.

Search engine optimisation and copywriting

Copywriting, in its most basic meaning, refers to writing for advertisements. However, things are different on the internet when SEO web copywriting.

More than merely selling is required of online content. Well-written online content should also attract targeted search engine visitors.

It is critical to have a high ranking on a search engine results page to run a profitable business. You might as well not exist if you're on the second page of Google search results.

If you provide useful material to your users, your site's ranks will improve at once. The better the ranking, the more people will trust and visit your site, resulting in a higher overall ranking. From then, things start to snowball.

The human element in copywriting

You may have come across a website that was highly ranked by search engines despite having nothing of value to offer. Fortunately, those websites, which are formed by link stuffing and just heaping up keywords and phrases, are a flash in the pan, and once Google catches up with them, they are degraded or banned outright.

You want to offer something truly unique. People should come first when writing on your site, followed by search engines. Your website requires valuable content to convert leads into buyers.

More than just attracting visitors to your site, good writing will help you grow your business. Your website will earn authority if they recognise that your content is valuable. The quality of the information you provide to visitors can either persuade them to conduct business with you or turn them away.

Above all, good content serves a purpose other than simply informing your readers. It's also entertaining, which leads to increased consumer satisfaction and retention.

Brand loyalty is another highly significant factor in today's ever-changing society. A professional copywriter can aid you in defining your brand's identity, beliefs, and even the type of lifestyle you're selling.

What makes good SEO web copywriting?

The gap between good copywriting and good SEO copywriting should be invisible. Because both should be devoid of errors, benefit-driven, and appealing to the target audience. The only difference is that SEO material uses keywords to optimise it — but this should come across as natural rather than stuffed and contrived.

Bad SEO copywriting examples

The Balance points out how “Search engine optimization has evolved greatly over the years. In the early days of SEO web designers would ‘stuff’ keywords into web page keyword meta tags to improve search engine rankings”.

Fortunately, astute freelance copywriters in the UK and business owners are aware of how to keep ahead of the Google curve and that keyword stuffing won't make the cut. In fact, you're more likely to receive a lower ranking or even be black-listed entirely.

Furthermore, “Poorly edited articles with spelling and grammatical errors will be demoted by search engines.” And you should avoid just buying links to boost your SEO — they are normally supplied in exchange for money, but they can originate from low-quality, spammy sites, which will only lower your ranking. Smart Blogger has a list of other SEO 'sins' to avoid.

10 Reasons You Should Hire an SEO-expert UK Freelance Copywriter

SEO web copywriting that is well-written can help you increase conversions, gain more customers, and even improve your Google rankings. With that in mind, it's clear that this is something that can't be overlooked. The following are the top ten reasons to hire a good SEO copywriter:

1. Research that adds value to your content

A good freelance SEO copywriter in the UK understands how to conduct research and incorporate it into a piece of writing. This is significant because, in the world of SEO, links and backlinks are crucial ranking criteria, and including connections to relevant, credible third-party sites throughout your content will help it achieve higher search ranks.

2. More enticing call-to-actions

Remember, SEO copywriters are first and foremost copywriters, which means we know how to write a killer CTA. Calls-to-action are important and improving them can help you convert more leads. But did you know that using simple SEO web copywriting methods like including keywords and phrases in your linked CTA anchor text can also help your site rank and generate more qualified leads? A good SEO copywriter may provide all of this and more.

3. Better Page Focus

SEO freelance copywriters in the UK know how to focus, target, and position your material to achieve the best results for your chosen keyword.

4. More thorough keyword research

If you're having trouble finding keywords and phrases that are short and sweet, SEO web copywriting services can help. If you hire good SEO copywriting services, you'll get solid keyword research that will help you rank higher.

5. Natural Keyword Inclusion

What do you do with those keywords once you've found them? Do you just cram them in wherever they'll fit, or do you let them flow naturally? Of course, the latter is the case. Good SEO copywriters will incorporate keywords into your writing so that readers will not notice them, but search engines will.

6. Meta tags and descriptions that are SEO-friendly

Do you know what meta tags and descriptions are and how to write them? Do you have any idea what they are?

It's fine if your answer is a resounding "no." These are an excellent illustration of challenging but necessary SEO tools that only expert copywriters are capable of using. Meta content is too crucial to ignore, yet it's too difficult and specific to farm out to just anybody. It's used by search engines to rank and interpret your site.

7. Pages with the Right Length

Did you realise that the length of your online content affects its SEO value? Fortunately, good SEO freelance copywriters in the UK understand when to keep content long, when to cut it short, and which word counts you can't exceed. Good SEO copywriters know web pages should be around 350 words long, whereas blogs should be 1,500 - 2,000 words or longer. Remember, ‘brevity is the soul of wit.’

8. Simpler Writing

Great SEO copywriters understand that simplicity is the best strategy. While many businesses overcomplicate their content, a good SEO copywriter will make it friendly and accessible to all audiences, improving your rankings.

9. Improved Landing Pages

Have you ever wanted to improve the quality of your landing pages? Or, for that matter, to create landing pages at all? SEO web copywriting services help you in this endeavour. Because SEO copywriters understand what it takes to create a great landing page and how to utilise language, formatting, and offers to entice readers to click, collaborating with one may drastically improve your conversion rate and make it easier than ever for your pages to soar.

10. Expert Competitor Analysis

UK freelance copywriters skilled in SEO can aid you in analysing and learning from your competitors' websites to establish effective tactics for outranking them. This is really useful for anyone working in a saturated industry or trying to figure out how to make the most of the data available to them.

A Good Freelance SEO Copywriter will get your message across

You can't afford to overlook SEO web copywriting services if you want your website to be relevant on the interwebs. SEO copywriters can Motivate, Initiate Reactions, and Engage Your Readers.

To some, it may seem all you need is a writer and having someone familiar with SEO is icing on the cake. However, if you dig a little deeper, you'll discover that there's much, much more to it.

While SEO copywriters are all strong writers, they're also more efficient because they know how to make their work SEO-friendly right away. This eliminates the need for on-the-job training and boosts the likelihood of getting compelling, SEO-friendly material the first time.

Finally, some thoughts

A quality website is well-designed and appealing to the eye. It should also have a logical structure that makes it intuitive to navigate, as this is another aspect that determines how high your site will rank in search engine results.

All those bells and whistles, though, are meaningless unless you can deliver high-quality content. So, first and foremost, your site's content should have all the necessary keywords and phrases so that search engines can easily assess its worth. Second, it should supply material that is useful to your target audience.

Valuable content is that which advises or answers a question that a real human visitor to your site would have. A good UK freelance copywriter can help you in developing this type of material for your website. You'll need content that prioritises humans above search engines, bots and creepy crawlies.

People will perceive your site as a source of authority and one to which they will return once you have quality content to give. This is another factor that will boost your SEO rankings and make your website—and, as a result, your business—more appealing to new customers.

Remember, words can and do sell. Words create business.


Need a top-quality SEO web copywriter? I’m Alex of the rather imaginatively named, A.J. MacDonald | Writer, and I can help! I know how to make something fun to read and at the same time implement effective SEO techniques. It’s both an art and a science.

Contact or call me on 0161 399 0075 to see how I can help you rank highly and get found on Google for your next project with numero uno content.

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