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On the art and trade of copywriting...

Welcome to my copywriting blog. Here you can read posts about writing, marketing, SEO, and, if you'd like, how to become a copywriter yourself.

The first step in writing content that sells for you must be writing copy that sells me. Updates, thoughts, rants, techniques, views. I try not to be all talk. I try to say something.

This is a blog about copywriting created by a copywriter, not to sugar-coat it in any way. I occasionally provide insights, complaints, observations, and even content that would be helpful to someone wishing to work as a copywriter or hire one.

I've worked with dozens of clients in multiple sectors to advertise their products and services during my years as a professional copywriter and marketing consultant. In that time, I've learned a few things that I'm delighted to impart.

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Blog Writing Service

I am a specialist in blog copywriting for clients across industries, sectors and audiences – no matter the subject matter. Jargon-y? complex? Technical? dry? It doesn’t matter. You’ll get a top-rate job that speaks to your audience

Blog articles are a terrific way to communicate with your audience, and can cover any number of topics in a variety of styles.

I produce SEO blog articles that connect with your audience, whether it be through business news, how-tos, top tips, evergreen content, article writing, or interviews.

Is writing copy not your cup of tea? Are you frustrated? Overwhelmed? Lacking in time?

I sincerely hope you like reading my blogs. Consider getting in touch with me for help with your upcoming blog copywriting job if you enjoy what I have to say and the way I say it.

Perhaps it's time to work with a copywriting expert who can get you over the finish line, stat. You can't afford to wing it. Get copy that tells, compels, and sells!

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